My name is Julie.
I am a Portrait Photographer.

I first fell in love with Photography in High School. I was introduced to Black & White Film and was instantly hooked, even then I dabbled in portraits. Once I left school (and that free darkroom)I just could not afford the associated costs with this hobbie and sadly put it aside, at the time I never saw it as more than a hobby.

Then life happened, I got a job, got married, had kids, a house and mortgage, blah blah blah. Slowly losing a little of myself each day. There is no specific time on this, it just seems to happen. You suddenly wake up and don’t seem to connect or recognise the face in the mirror any more.

I have always been a creative person, I dabbled in various artistic pursuits; drawing, painting, but I was always wanting more…A twist of fate placed photography before me again and I dived into with great enthusiasm. My creativity, passion and imagination took on a whole new life. I took photos of people and places, my family, but never anything of myself.

One day I realised that there were no really nice photos of me, something that I would want to pass onto my children or even grandchildren. Real photos, real portraits, like my Grandparents had, just more modern & relaxed. So I started to look for a photographer who understood me, who could show me that I was still uniquely and maybe even beautifully, ME. She not only gave me beautiful photos, she also taught me about my true gift, helping other women, just like ME, to find themselves again.

So now in my 50’s I have opened and launched my own Photographic Studio; Julie Powell Photography, offering women, just like YOU the opportunity for your own beautiful photos.

Because I have been through this myself, I know you need something more, you NEED a feel-good experience with someone who gets you. You NEED time, in a safe and supportive space. You NEED someone who KNOWS how to show you in the best light and poses, I promise to show you that you are unique and beautiful. Yes I know it is scary, but it can be a truly transforming experience, you owe it to your loved ones to exist in photos, but more importantly, you owe it to yourself to live in them.

I know what beautiful looks like. I can see yours. I know how to bring it forward, and how to capture it with my camera. I want to show you how unique & beautiful you really are and how other people see you. I want you to understand that... I GET IT!

My mission is to help other women move toward that goal too: to connect with women, take photographs that change how they see themselves and have perhaps even share some fun and laughs with them along the way.

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Strong.

Let me show you What YOUR Beautiful looks like.

I challenge you to let me take the most amazing photos you have seen of yourself, to change the way you see yourself, and to have maybe even some fun while doing it. It's my job to make you look and feel incredible. Not many people actually enjoy having their photos done, me included, but at the end of the day it really is less painful than a dentist visit :-) 

- Julie



I usually don’t go on my own to photo shoots but as soon as I arrived Julie welcomed me into her studio and made me feel very comfortable straight away. Her posing skills and professionalism made the whole experience a dream shoot
— Karen



Let's work together; to style YOUR perfect portrait session, and create some beautiful Photos. Working in my Narre Warren studio with Natural or Studio Light, my Photography sessions are all about YOU. 

Showing you the most beautiful photos you have seen of yourself, in perhaps the longest time, or ever. To give you the freedom to express yourself, put yourself first, to be listened to, seen and understood

Ready to book your shoot or you have more questions? Please feel free to Email or Visit our Info Page.


Email:         Phone:  0404 299 460

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Curriculum Vitae...

I am a Portrait Photographer in Narre Warren, Victoria. I am also an award winning and published digital artist and conceptual portrait photographer. Welcome to my Brag Page!


  • Living the Photo Artistic Life

  • Artists Down Under

  • Fine Eye

  • Somerset Digital Studio

  • Photoshop Creative

  • GSP World Images


  • Montsalvat, Eltham, Australia - May - June 2018

  • Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece "Portraits" - May, 2018

  • Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece "Cityscapes" - April, 2018

  • Heaven Art Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona (US) - March 2018

  • Scugnizzo Gallery, Melbourne, Australia - June - September 2017

  • Brunswick Street Gallery, Brunswick, Australia - May 2017

  • Brunswick Street Gallery, Brunswick, Australia - Jan 2017


  • March 17th 2018 - Dark and Moody Still Life

  • Ran 8 separate workshops in 2017, mostly Still Life and Conceptual Portraits

  • Ran 6 Workshops in 2016, all Still Life and Photography


  • Light, Space & Time, 2018

    • Special Merit - Cityscapes

    • Special Merit - Cityscapes

    • Special Merit - Nature

    • Overall 7th Place - Figurative

    • 3rd Place Photography Section - Figurative

    • Special Mentions x 2 - Figurative

  • Light, Space & Time, 2017

    • 2nd Place - Nature

    • 6th Place - Nature

    • 1st Place - Seasons

    • 3rd Place - Seasons

    • Honorary Mention - Seasons

    • 6th Place - Seascapes

    • Honorary Mention - Seascapes

More of my artistic work can be seen at

- Julie