Sunset Reflections, part of The Red Dress Series


About me

Moving beyond the realm of simple photography, Julie Powell creates surreal, whimsical and fantastical works of Digital Art, often capturing emotion and moments in time along with symbolism to explore reality on a slightly different level. She bring her sense of whimsy and imagination with her to create stunning portraits, that offer her clients more than just a mere photo.

Based in Melbourne, she surrounds herself in a vibrant and exciting arts community, Julie has transitioned from more traditional art forms to the digital art medium, often depicting images in her own unique painterly style. Being published both online and in Magazines, Julie is a regular contributor to various digital art forums as well as having Her award winning images in various gallery exhibits and competitions.

As an Artistic Coach and Mentor, Julie thrives on helping and encouraging other emerging digital artists, and is widely active and respected throughout the digital artist community, running various workshops in and around Melbourne, and interstate. Her Portrait photography is highly sort after from her small and intimate studio in Narre Warren.


Artist Statement

I'm a photographer and digital graphic artist and designer. My digital artwork has been described as Surreal, Fairy-tale, colourful, textured and eclectic. With the ability to create colour schemes that extends through my entire portfolio; that I am venturing out into colour palettes that make my work unique but also tell a great story along with them...  adding a lot of surrealism to the images. My Digital Designs are crisp, clean and eye catching. My Portraits, mesmerising and breathtaking.

I run a Photographic Studio in Melbourne, where I shoot Portraits, Product and Still Life photography, and also run my Workshops.  

I am heavily inspired by colour and texture from the Masters; Degas, Rembrandt and Monet, as well as modern artists Even Liu, Robert Cornelius and Brooke Shaden, with their use of light, colour and texture to add surrealism and atmosphere, giving the viewer a glimpse into another world. There are so many inspirational artist in Australia and abroad it is difficult to name them all. At times delving deep in the human psyche and covering dark themes of evil, sadness, loss and depression, most images reflect themes of Redemption, Salvation, Motherhood and Femininity. Exploring freedom and release through artistic pursuits in pure fantasy, with dreamlike images. Occasionally exploring the darker side to Human Nature.

I use the camera and computer as my canvas, my brush, exploring both natural and man-made environments as inspiration for my art. Planning and executing conceptual photography shoots, to then build on and expand on the PC. I work with colour and light, as well as texture to create images with such depth that they almost glow with light. Digitally hand painting many of the elements, especially the light that make up these images, I explore various themes of Mother, Mother Nature, Femininity, Release, Salvation, Good versus Evil. I gain inspiration from the world around me; colours, dreams, music, books and stories, sometimes movies, a piece of cloth, a flower, sunlight playing over shadows. 

I love to travel and take photographs everywhere I go, I also love to photograph landscapes, I have been slowly discovering more of Victoria's wonderful coastline and small country towns, as well as Cities, photographing them all in my own unique way. I love the light in Australia, it is bright and unforgiving, but in the early hours and twilight it is magical. I have a certain fondness for Seascapes and Native Bushland, as you can see in many of my images. I also enjoy working with dark, whimsical stories for my digital art.

Please feel free to contact me in regards Contractual Graphic Design, setting up a Product or Portrait shoot, attend a workshop or purchasing a print from my Digital Art Collection. I am based in Narre Warren, Melbourne, VIC 3805. Australia

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