My name is Julie.
I am a Still Life Photographer.

Sounds like something from an AA Meeting doesn’t it? But it is an obsession and kind of like an addiction. The feeling I get from creating an amazing image, or even better still from helping someone else create their own amazing image, when they thought they could not; there is nothing better…

Julie Powell_Peony-6.jpg

From small beginnings…

I first fell in love with Photography in High School. I was introduced to Black & White Film and was instantly hooked, even then I dabbled in some Still Life. Once I left school (and that free darkroom), I just could not afford the associated costs with this hobby and sadly put it aside, because at the time I never saw it as more than a hobby.

Then life happened, I got a job, got married, had kids, a house and mortgage, blah blah blah. I have always been a creative person, I dabbled in various artistic pursuits; drawing, painting, but I was always wanting more…A twist of fate placed photography before me again and I dived into with great enthusiasm. My creativity, passion and imagination took on a whole new life. I took photos of people and places, my family, and of course so many beautiful things.

I think I have tried just about everything…

That’s what we all do when we start out isn’t it? Try everything, well at least I did. But, after a while I decided what I love (still life, macro, florals, food & portraits) and what I don’t (weddings, sport and birds in flight). I think you have to try many different styles and genres of photography, to find what you are passionate about.

Through various artistic pursuits, I spent years studying the Masters, the light, posing and styling, pouring over so many beautiful images online and in magazines. People started asking me to show them how I created my beautiful photos and I started running small classes and workshops out of my home studio. These quickly lead into larger classes offering more and varied subjects.

So now I am launching my own online Photographic Studio; Julie Powell Photography, offering photographers, just like YOU the opportunity for you to create your own beautiful images.

My Mission…

I want to help photographers from all genres improve their skills and their confidence in their photography, and indeed themselves. Especially those photographers, or creatives with an affinity for Still Life, Macro, Food and Product Photography.

It does not matter the stage of learning; whether from absolute beginner to more advanced photographers, I wish to show that with the right support and guidance, the required skills and knowledge can be gained, that they can create images like they see online and in magazines. I wish to help them boost their confidence, their skills and photographic achievements.

I will help them achieve this, in a safe and supportive classroom environment, with gentle constructive, but realistic criticism, constant support, encouragement and feedback on their accomplishments and progress.

I know I am successful when they can consistently capture the images they want, are proud of their photos and happily share them with family, friends and peers. Also when they tell me they could ‘feel’ that they captured their vision…for me, there is no better feeling.