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Still Life, of all genres is about more than anything else, Stories.
Learn how to create the stories to bring new spark and creativity to all your images.

Regardless of whether you have a love of food photography, macro, flowers, or even product photography, there is a class to inspire you to create wonderful images and improve your photography skills, from complete beginner, intermediate and through to more advanced photographers.

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Food Photography

How do they photograph food and get such great results? Food photography is arguably one of the most challenging types of photography out there.

This class offers a variety of food in natural light, learn to make the most of what you already have. Learn to work on the Stories within the photos and capture magic…

Create mouth watering images, that make your viewer crave your dish


Capturing Light

Do you struggle to capture great, well lit Still Life images? You are not alone, it seems to be one of the biggest hurdles most photographers have, but it does not have to be this way. In six easy steps you can learn to harness any type of lighting for your Still Life Photography, or indeed any type of Photography. Once you know HOW to control the light you can get great photos, anytime, anywhere.

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An Artist Palette

Learn the techniques behind the art,learn to create unique and beautifully crafted images in Photoshop & Topaz using these painterly techniques, including how to make your own fantastic backgrounds. Follow me as I create ten unique images with speed edits, walk throughs and actual edits in Photoshop and Topaz Studios. We look at Landscapes, Still Life, Animals, Flowers and Pet Portraits.

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The Magic of Macro

Are you ready to explore the world of macro photography with me? One of the best things about doing macro photography is that it can be done anywhere and in virtually any genre. You do not need a fancy studio, just a quiet spot to sit and create; inside or outside.

In this Class, we are really going to look at the world of macro, we are going to look at lots of techniques and creative ideas for your macro work. I will show you how to push your creativity both in camera and in the edit, to get the most out of your images. We will look at alternatives to traditional macro lenses and creative ways to capture tiny details.

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My Creative Still Life Journey…

Learn the art of slowing down and finding your way to peace, quiet and creative calm in this online Still Life class. Feeling a little overwhelmed and uninspired…… Life a little less than creative? This class is full of creative inspiration and ideas to get you started…& it’s 100% FREE!

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Lightroom 101

This is a FREE self help guide to using Adobe Lightroom, mostly created within My Creative Still Life Journey Photography class. My hope for this class is to give you a little guidance on some tips and tricks in Lightroom, for the Beginners and for more experienced users. Starting with a brief look around.

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Fruit and Flowers

Since days of old, artists have always loved to capture the beauty and grace of flowers and fruit in Still Life.

Learn styling, lighting and great ideas to breathe new life and new inspiration into your photographic stories.




I’ve done a Dark and Moody still life course with Julie and it was awesome. Small sized group and excellent props and advice. I was a bit nervous about attending but Julie is welcoming and very professional. I learnt so much, cannot wait until I can do another one. Highly recommend.

Image created by Judy during My Creative Journey



I have thoroughly enjoyed learning, exploring and challenging myself with 'still life' photography. It is something I had dabbled in a little bit during 2018 and before starting the 12 week course.

The weekly challenges have been fantastic and seeing other's interpretation of each theme has provided me with a lot of inspiration.

Thank you for providing me with this awesome opportunity, your videos and guidance has been very valuable, and I really look forward to seeing what you bring next year.

Image created by Lisa during My Creative Journey



For me, learning something completely new, I really love seeing how the images are treated in the editing software. Because you can take a good photograph to great or vice versa with how it is edited.
Always happy to get freebies tho! But being a visual learner, the layout and manor the course is delivered in, also helps. And your courses, both I'm doing, have beautiful pictures, clear instruction and are visual feast for the eyes. I can tell you have put a lot of work into it, it really does show. Its apparent right throughout your classes AND your website.

Image created by Rochelle during My Creative Journey

Sue…As a landscape and people photographer, i have always been curious about food and still life photography. Julie's website is simply beautiful that captures the light and the images looks peaceful, moody and romantic. I have gone to two of Julie's workshops and am halfway through her online courses. I highly recommend these. The workshops are fun and relaxing. Julie knows her subject matter and does not get too technical. I am grateful for Julies work as they have paved the way for my style and interest. So reader, have a look at Julie's classes and enjoy

Lisa…Julie, thank you for introducing me to this fabulous genre of photography. The 'For The Love Of Food' on-line course is fantastic. I love the challenges (my Sunday afternoons 'me time') that get me out of my comfort zone and thinking about different ways to photograph food. The 'bite-size' sessions are perfect, the information provided, tips, recipes and videos are inspiring and extremely helpful. This is one genre that I will happily continue on with.