The Magic of Macro eBook

The Magic of Macro eBook


In this eBook, I cover some of the basics of Macro Photography, this booklet is more of a companion guide to students of my Macro photography workshops & classes, but if you cannot get to one of my classes, this might be the next best thing.

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I have had a deep passion for all things photographic, especially Macro and Still Life Photography, in all their genres, and have for years now. I love to shoot many things including still life, flowers, macro, food, textures, patterns, and more. I am super excited to explore the world of macro photography with you.

I love that there are so many things to do and learn with photography that you can easily keep things interesting, if you feel you are losing that spark or creativity, there is always something new to learn to get you super excited and back into it again. I myself go through phases in what I feel like shooting, sometimes it is flowers, sometimes it is food, or macro or tiny details.

The majority of the photography I usually do nowadays is in my converted garage studio that I have set up, more often than not I am using my single window for natural light photography. I find that having somewhere so close to my house, makes it easy to shoot as often as I do, perhaps you can find a little space in your living room, study, or perhaps a spare room? Making things a little easier, makes you more likely to shoot often and that’s what great photography needs...practice, practice, practice.

I encourage you to shoot every day, or at least consistently. Visit some places in each season, to really see how they can change. Macro takes a bit of trial and error to figure out what you like and what you don’t, to see the details, and the light and really learn and develop your skill and style.

Macro is the perfect time to slow down and breath. It not about how many photos you can shoot and how fast you can produce them and get them up on social media. It is all about really taking the time to be intentional & meaningful about your images. Whether you decide to set up a small home studio in a quiet corner is up to you, it can be something that can be put away and brought out when needed, or perhaps you love to be out in nature and shoot predominantly outside - totally up to you. Whether to use a tripod or not totally up to you. Do what feels right and the more you learn – the better your images become. In saying that, do not be afraid to explore and get completely out of your comfort zone - that’s when interesting things can and often do happen!