Light and SFX Overlays

Light and SFX Overlays


Twenty Stunning Light overlays create for use in Photoshop, digital effects and light overlays to add atmosphere, lighting or aged effects to your digital artwork. Includes sun-flare, light leaks, glowing orbs, wet plate looks and damaged surface effects, dust, debris, scratches and more. Make black background disappear like magic when set to Screen mode in Photoshop. 

This collection includes:

  • 20 High Resolution Textures

  • 300 DPI

  • 4000px X 3000px (10) 3000px X 3000px (10)

  • JPEG format

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My Overlays are super easy to use and are compatible with a wide range of products. My Overlays are all .JPEG files which you can place on top of your photo and then change the blend modes to create amazing, unique and interesting images. You can use Overlays in any program that allows for layers ie; Adobe Photoshop.

Once you make your purchase – you will find you file ready for you to download as a zip file. Once you download your file – you will need to unzip the file and extract your Overlays. You can then save your Overlays on your computer somewhere you can locate them later. (I typically have mine filed in a file called “Overlays”.)

How to use Overlays:

Open the Photo you want to use in Photoshop and process it any way you like. Then you can add your Overlay to the layer above your edited photo. You can then change your blending mode to screen (or experiment and try different blending modes like overlay, softlight, etc). You generally use Overlay or Softlight or if it is an overlay image (B&W) you can use Screen to knock out the blacks and Multiply to knock out the whites. Also try adjusting the Opacity of your Texture or Overlay to achieve pleasing results. Try a Level adjustment layer to make the blacks deeper and the whites brighter, makes the overlay more intense.

If desired, you can then add a layer mask to remove unwanted areas with a soft brush, from your subject - watch the video below.

How to use Light & Special FX Overlay Packs to add interest to images

Terms of Use - These elements/textures/overlays are for personal and commercial use. You can use these resources within your own work. You can sell artwork incorporating these resources. This license applies only to the original purchaser. You Cannot use resources as stand-alone elements, you cannot resell, repackage and redistribute in any way. Do not sell a product where these items can be extracted (PSD).