The Basics of Photography

The Basics of Photography

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In this eBook, I cover some of the basics of photography, by simplifying some of the confusion, and to explain how everything relates, and then how to best put it all together to capture beautiful photos. This is a stand alone book, but is offered to all students in my on-line classes

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My goal is to provide you with the most creative digital tools and workshops to help you take your photography further. I love to help people in their artistic efforts, creating a positive and encouraging environment for you to continue your photographic journey.

We are in such a lucky digital age to be surrounded by beautiful photography every day, we have a constant stream of it via TV, advertising and through Social Media. Now, more than any other time in our history, the digital age of photography has made it easy for the everyone to create. Most of us even carry a camera around with us on our mobile devices.

Please do not hand out this book to others, it is a single person, single purchase book.