Light Painting with Still Life #6 Photographic Workshop

Light Painting with Still Life #6 Photographic Workshop


Learn to create stunning art from small everyday items, by harnessing and learning to ‘paint’ with light. This workshop entirely focused on Light Painting, this is an in person workshop

Date: Saturday 28th September 2019

Time: 2-4pm

Location: Narre Warren, VIC, Australia

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Learn the basics of Light Painting, with Still Life. Turn everyday items into works of art by using these techniques to create a painterly effect by just using a few simple tools. The technique used to create a "sculptured" or painterly effect, is unlike standard photography, and can be at once simple to learn, but with practice more complex images and scenes can be created. Through the manipulation of light, colours, and shadows, we can make small details stand out and accentuate or alter the look and feel of your subject. It does not necessarily require any specialists tools, but everything required will be supplied, with the exception of camera gear.

Learn to see light in a whole new way, all items for subject, props, lighting and staging are supplied, you only need your camera gear.

This Workshop will cover the basics in lighting sculpting;

  • Creating artistic composition

  • Adding atmosphere

  • Capturing the details

  • Get off Auto - get confident in Manual Mode

  • Learn to harness the light

  • Requirements:

    • DSLR camera or Mirrorless camera, as long as you can change lenses. Also, bringing your manual is a good idea if you aren't overly familiar with your camera.

    • a 35-50mm lens or 24-70mm is suitable 

    • Tripod is a must

    • remote shutter release (wireless or cabled)

    • spare battery and SD Cards.

    • Neutral Density Filter, not gradual - if in doubt Message Me (Need at least a 6+3 or a 9 stop)

    This is a two-hour workshop, limited to 6 people.

    Price is AUD$50.00 per person

    If you have any questions at all, send me a message!

Sample Image

Sample Image