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Hi! I’m Julie…

Head shot by Sue Masterson

Head shot by Sue Masterson

I am a Still Life Photographer.

Sounds like something from an AA Meeting doesn’t it? But it IS an obsession and kind of like an addiction. The feeling I get from creating an amazing image, or even better, from helping someone else create their own amazing image, when they thought they couldn’t; there’s nothing better…such a buzz! But beware…I am a bit of a dag and rarely take myself seriously. Life is meant to be enjoyed…so have fun!

I think I have tried just about everything…

That’s what we all do when we start out isn’t it? Try everything, well at least I did. But, after a while I decided what I love (still life, macro, florals, food & portraits - yay!) and what I don’t (weddings, sport and birds in flight - yuk!). I think you have to try many different styles and genres of photography, to find what you are passionate about. When I first started out, my images sucked big time - I couldn’t figure out my ISO from my F/stop, my images were flat, uninteresting and well…boring! I was so frustrated, there had to be an easier way.

I spent years studying the Masters, lighting, staging and styling, pouring over so many beautiful images online and in magazines. Eventually one a-ha moment after another it all started to come together. People started asking me to show them how I created my beautiful photos and I started running small classes and workshops out of my home studio. These quickly lead into larger classes offering more and varied subjects.

Now… I have launched my own online Photographic Studio; Julie Powell Photography, offering photographers, just like YOU the opportunity for you to create your own beautiful images.

Shot by Suzanne Balding

Shot by Suzanne Balding

My Mission

To help photographers, just like you, improve your skills and boost your confidence in your photography, and indeed yourself. Especially for photographers & creatives with an affinity for Still Life, Macro, Food and Product Photography.

It doesn’t matter your stage of learning; whether from absolute beginner to more advanced photographers, to show you that with the right support and guidance, the required skills and knowledge can be gained, that you CAN create images like you see online and in magazines. To help you boost your confidence, your skills and photographic achievements.

To help you achieve this, I have a safe and supportive classroom environment, with gentle constructive, but realistic criticism, constant support, encouragement and feedback on your accomplishments and progress.

I’ll know when this is successful when you consistently capture the images YOU want, are proud of and happily share them with family, friends and peers. Also when you say you could ‘feel’ that you captured your vision…for me, there is no better feeling.

So, do you want to get to work on creating the images you can only dream of…now?

Visit the Class Page and pick one that is right for you.


Contact Me

Got a question or need some help? Send me a message below…I need just a bit of info on how I can help YOU…


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I hate that spam stuff, so I promise to never share your details with anyone. Any don’t forget to add me to your contact list so I don’t end up in a junk folder!


Curriculum Vitae...

I am a Still Life Photographer in Narre Warren, Victoria. I am also an award winning and published digital artist and conceptual portrait photographer. Welcome to my Brag Page!



  • Montsalvat, Eltham, Australia - May - June 2018

  • Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece "Portraits" - May, 2018

  • Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece "Cityscapes" - April, 2018

  • Heaven Art Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona (US) - March 2018

  • Scugnizzo Gallery, Melbourne, Australia - June - September 2017

  • Brunswick Street Gallery, Brunswick, Australia - May 2017

  • Brunswick Street Gallery, Brunswick, Australia - Jan 2017

Workshops & Classes

  • Table & Plate online self-paced food photography class

  • Light Painting with Still Life - 28th September - SOLD OUT

  • Springtime at The Potterage - 13th October 2019

  • Macro for Beginners - 31st August 2019

  • The Magic of Macro -Self-paced online course to learn how to create better macro images

  • Still Life at the Potterage - May 19th 2019 - SOLD OUT

  • Light Painting with Still Life - June 1st & 22nd, July 6th & 27th, 17th August - ALL SOLD OUT

  • My Creative Still Life Journey - Self Paced online course and private Facebook Group

  • For the Love of Food - Self Paced online course on Food Photography, and private Facebook Group

  • Capturing Light - Self Paced online course for learning how to capture light for better photos

  • An Artists Palette - Self-paced online course to learn how to create painterly digital art

  • Ran 10 separate workshops 2018, Dark and Moody Still Life, Macro and Florals, Conceptual Portraits

  • Ran 8 separate workshops in 2017, mostly Still Life and Conceptual Portraits

  • Ran 6 Workshops in 2016, all Still Life and Photography


Light, Space & Time, 2019

  • Special Mention - Patterns

  • 4th Place and a Special Merit - Open photographic Exhibition

  • Special Mention and Honorary Mention - Animals Exhibition

  • Special Mention and Honorary Mention - Figurative Exhibition

  • 9th Place - Overall All Women All Women Exhibition

  • 5th Place Digital Art Photography - All Women Exhibition

  • Special Merit - All Women Exhibition

Light, Space & Time, 2018

  • Special Merit - Cityscapes

  • Special Merit - Cityscapes

  • Special Merit - Nature

  • Overall 7th Place - Figurative

  • 3rd Place Photography Section - Figurative

  • Special Mentions x 2 - Figurative

  • Special mentions x 2 - Nature

  • Light, Space & Time, 2017

  • 2nd Place - Nature

  • 6th Place - Nature

  • 1st Place - Seasons

  • 3rd Place - Seasons

  • Honorary Mention - Seasons

  • 6th Place - Seascapes

  • Honorary Mention - Seascapes

More of my artistic work can be seen at

- Julie