Behind the studio door…

I know what you’re thinking - Yeah OK, but WHAT is behind the studio door?

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Here Be Monsters!
— Alan Snow

Just kidding, there are no monsters, but we will be exploring some unknown territory for some of you. Come behind the studio door, and have unlimited access to all thing Still Life, Food and Macro Photography.

Imagine that every shot you created happens exactly as you wanted it. You have the confidence to KNOW how to style a shoot to best display your subject; the right type of light, the best angle to shoot at, the best props to use and the right camera settings to use. Perhaps you have a guardian angel whispering in your ear, a muse to spark your inspiration. It does not even matter what genre you shoot.

Everything you ever wanted to see, feel and experience came together to be everything you dreamed of as a photographer? Would you be interested?

Behind the Studio Door is an all access pass to anything and everything in the Studio. I really wanted to do an extension from My Creative Still Life Journey, something more, hence I came up with the idea of a twelve month, ease into it, type of thing. Instead of just a weekly challenge (which there will be) , it will be more of a monthly challenge with weekly 'sparks' you can do as many of them as you feel inspired to create.

Every month, I am going to create a new Theme, something relatively broad, then each week I am going to provide a new spark, a subtopic to get you inspired. Each week will cover a slightly different part or area of our theme. We are going to look at styling, lighting, editing, props, and of course, any questions you have. Not sure HOW to do something...ASK? And I will try and cover it off. The real beauty in this class is that it is not pre-made, so we can go in whatever direction takes cool is that?

Add to all that, the freebies, each month you will gain access to something extra special; a creative texture, or Lightroom Preset, an eBook, cheat sheets - who knows? Build a collection, or learn to make your own, learn WHAT to do with them, how to get really creative.

There will also be a monthly LIVE Q&A session, once a month I hope to do a LIVE Q&A or even possibly a critique session in the Facebook Group. Did I mention we will have our own Facebook Group as well? Of course!


Q - But when will all this start?

A - July 1st 2019, but enrolments will happen end of June - so keep an eye out, click on the email button at the bottom of this post to register your interest, I will email you once enrolments are open.

Q - I don’t have a big fancy DSLR or many lenses

A - That’s fine, you can use a point and shoot camera or even your Smart Phone, you can more often than not use what ever lens you currently own, pretty much any camera, there will be something for everyone.

Q - I am not really very proficient in Lightroom or Photoshop

A - I am going to cover various aspects of both, however you can visit the Lightroom 101 or Photoshop 101 classes, to really get your started…and they are 100% FREE.

Q - How much time will it take?

A - Most classes will be small with videos are around 5 minutes long(some a little more or a little less), but the actual shoot time is totally up to you. There will be a monthly Theme, with weekly ‘sparks’ perhaps one week lighting, one week styling etc. You can do as much or as little as you wish (I hope you dive in and do everything). There will be a Monthly LIVE on Facebook, but if you can’t make it, you can watch the recorded replay.

Q - How long is the course going to be?

A - I am looking at twelve months, so this is a fairly intensive course, but laid back at the same time, think how much we can cover and how good you images are going to become.

Q - How much is it?

A - This is the best bit, the regular price is just AUD$20.00 per month, that’s less than a cup of coffee or margarita a week!

Q - What if I decide I no longer want to participate?

A - I get it, life sometimes needs our priority, you can leave at any time, this is a monthly subscription, there is no contract, come and go as you wish. However once you leave, you do unfortunately lose access to the course, but your do get to keep any freebies. PLUS there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t love it - but I know you will!

Q - Will this replace any of the other online classes?

A - No. Each of the other online classes (apart from My Creative Still Life Journey) are stand alone classes focusing on a particular area of photography ie: Food, Macro, Lighting, etc. They are excellent resources for really focusing in depth on that chosen subject matter.

Q - Do I need to do any of the other classes before joining?

A - No. Even if you have never done a class with me before, you will be able to follow along and join in. Plus there is always help available if required. My Creative Still Life Journey is a fantastic step for photographers starting their Still life Journey, but it is not a necessary requirement for this portal.

You still have a few more questions? Email me direct, let’s chat

Won’t you join us, behind the studio door?
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