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Would you prefer something a little more creative than a standard portrait session? - for you Cosplay, LARP, Gothic, Steam Punk, Vintage or Fantasy are not just a hobby, but your passion and a way of life? You spend so much effort, and time on you incredibly intricate and unique costumes, they speak about not only your passion, but your dedication to your craft. You love to spend time with like-minded people where you can celebrate your uniqueness and talents, and so can they.

You believe you're never too old to wear costumes and or dress-up and play in a world of fantasy and imagination. You are part of an awesome community that totally gets involved with not only you, but your whole family, or perhaps they ARE your family.

Perhaps to some, you’re weird and strange but you completely rock it, once in character you can conquer worlds, or demons, or villains, or ghouls. Maybe black is your signature colour, and you live for the darker side, perhaps you ARE the villain or ghoul. So are you that awesome?

I can help you to bring your creative vision to life, whatever it is - tell me and let's see if we can make it happen. I have lots of props, backdrops and special FX to help bring your vision to life. Imagine turning you portrait into a one-off piece of digital art for your wall, by Internationally Exhibited, Acclaimed and Published Digital Artist - Julie Powell