For the love of Food

Create mouth watering images, that make your viewer crave your dish, with Photographer Julie Powell

What’s it all about?

How do they photograph food and get such great results?

Food photography is arguably one of the most challenging types of photography out there.

This class offers a variety of food in natural light, learn to make the most of what you already have.

Learn to work on the Stories within the photos and capture magic, by creating your own fabulous food images, that will make others crave your dishes…

In this class we look at equipment, backgrounds, props,and styling using natural light, as well as many camera tips and tricks.

What’s included?

There are over 30 bite-sized (pardon the pun!) lessons including 18 actual Food shoots, with behind the scenes videos and edits in Lightroom and Photoshop. There is Bonus Fine Art Texture Pack and Lightroom Presets developed especially for this class, family recipes and ideas to try, along with plenty of inspiration.

Add to that a Closed and Private Facebook Group for even more ideas and inspiration, plus help and guidance every step of the way.


Q - But what if I am not that much of a cook?

A - That’s OK you do not have to be a cook to take great photos of food, I cover that as well, in many cases in commercial food photography or editorial you are not making the food anyway, you are just there to photograph it.

Q - I don’t have a big fancy DSLR or many lenses

A - That’s OK too, you can use a point and shoot camera or even your Smart Phone, you can more often than not use what ever lens you currently own, pretty much any camera, it’s the styling and lighting that is most important.

Q - I am not really very proficient in Lightroom or Photoshop

A - I cover enough to get you started, or you can visit the Lightroom 101 or Photoshop 101 classes, on my Digital Artistry website for even more learning…and they are 100% FREE.

Q - How much time will it take?

A - Most classes are small with videos are around 10 minutes long(some a little more or a little less), but the actual shoot time is totally up to you. This is a self-paced class and once purchased you have life-time access, no hurry at all and you can revisit each class as many times as you wish.

Q - How much is it?

A - Special introductory price AUD $79.00 for over 30 classes, plus 2 eBooks, and Fine Art Textures Pack plus bonus Lightroom Presets, valued alone at over $100.00

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Julie, thank you for introducing me to this fabulous genre of photography. The ‘For The Love Of Food’ on-line course is fantastic. I love the challenges (my Sunday afternoons ‘me time’) that get me out of my comfort zone and thinking about different ways to photograph food. The ‘bite-size’ sessions are perfect, the information provided, tips, recipes and videos are inspiring and extremely helpful. This is one genre that I will happily continue on with.
— Lisa
I’ve done a Dark and Moody Still Life Workshop with Julie and it was awesome. Small sized group and excellent props and advice. I was a bit nervous about attending, but Julie is welcoming and very professional. I Learnt so much, cannot wait until I can do another class. Highly recommend it.
— Judy
As a landscape and people photographer, I have always been curious about food and still life photography. Julie’s website is simply beautiful that captures the light and the images looks peaceful, moody and romantic. I have gone to two of Julie’s workshops and I am halfway through her online courses. I highly recommend these. The workshops are fun and relaxing. Julie knows her subject matter and does not get too technical. I am grateful for Julie’s work as they have paved the way for my style and interest. So reader, have a look at Julie’s Classes and enjoy.
— Sue

Here are just a few of the images from the classes

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