The Magic of Macro Photography 

Capturing the magical tiny details of our everyday life, with Photographer Julie Powell…

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Have you ever wanted to delve into the tiny world of Macro? Make small objects larger than life, capture the details of our natural world.

Macro photography can often be difficult and frustrating to learn without some guidance. This class offers a variety of Macro in natural & affordable artificial light, learn to make the most of what you already have.

Learn to capture the tiny details and the magic, by creating your own Macro images, come on a journey with award winning Digital Artist and Photographer Julie Powell, as she explores her own backyard, the local area and botanical gardens, and various field trips. Discover new ways to shoot, and new ideas to try.

In this class we look at equipment, macro lenses and cheaper alternatives, we also look at natural and affordable artificial light options, as well as many camera tips and tricks.

There are over 25 bite-sized lessons including in depth detail and information on macro photography, techniques and camera settings. As well as behind the scenes videos and edits in Lightroom and Photoshop. There is a Bonus Creative Texture Packs and Lightroom Presets developed especially for this class, ideas to try, along with plenty of inspiration.

Add to that a Private Facebook Group for even more ideas and inspiration, plus help and guidance every step of the way.


Q - I have never done Macro Photography before

A - That’s OK you do not have done Macro before, this course is aimed at Beginners through to Intermediate, covered are settings and techniques.

Q - I don’t have a big fancy DSLR or many lenses

A - That’s OK too, this course looks at using some alternatives to expensive Macro lenses that can be used on a Consumer grade SLR, we will also discuss different lenses, so if you are looking at purchasing a Macro lens, then you can perhaps see the different options out there. If you are unsure you can always message me.

Q - I am not really very proficient in Lightroom or Photoshop

A - I cover enough to get you started, or you can visit the Lightroom 101 or Photoshop 101 class, on my Digital Artistry website for even more learning…and they are 100% FREE.

Q - How much time will it take?

A - Most classes are small with videos are around 10 minutes long(some a little more or a little less), there is a behind the scenes and then an edit for most classes, or a discussion on product or a technique, but the actual shoot time is totally up to you. This is a self-paced class and once purchased you have life-time access, no hurry at all and you can revisit each class as many times as you wish.

Q - How much is it?

A - The entire course is just AUD $129.00 for over 25 classes, plus a eBooks, and a Fine Art Textures Pack plus bonus Lightroom Presets, valued alone at over $100.00. This really is a value packed class, and has taken over six months to assemble all in one place. There is also a 2 x part payment option and a 4 month instalment plan…but it does cost a little bit more for Admin costs.

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