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Failing Upwards...

One of the biggest fears we face when starting anything new is failing, right? Photography is no different, what if we are no good, what if we just don’t ‘get it’, what if people don’t like our photos, what if we cannot offer anything unique or special? So we fear failing, for some of us it is crippling, so much so we put down the camera. For me the camera is just an extension to myself, I feel lost without it, but it wasn’t always so. …

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10 best props for food photography

When it comes to still life and food photography, often the biggest problem most stylist and photographers have is props … or lack of them. This week we are going to delve a little further into my own prop stash, I’ll show you my 10 favourite and most used props with food photography. You do not need a lot, in fact, just a few of these are perfect to get you started and you may already have them in your own home.

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