Using Lightroom - A Few Tips & Tricks

Do you use Lightroom? Did you know that there are loads of Keyboard Shortcuts?

  • Q – spot removal tool

  • Spacebar – to zoom in & out

  • T – to show/hide toolbar

  • A – to turn on/off visualize spots (spot removal tool)

  • Virtual copy – CTRL + ‘ (Windows)

  • N - side by side image compare

  • L to show full frame (you need to hit twice and then again to return)

  • [ & ] (square bracket keys) make brushes larger and smaller

  • Ctrl + Z is undo

Perhaps you are very new to Lightroom, or have purchased it and never really used it? I have started to put together a Lightroom 101 Class on My Website as well

A brief Introduction to the Lightroom Module

I have a whole new Classroom set up which I will add to from time to time, Lightroom Basics 101 - check it out here