Why and How to add Texture to you photos

Why and How to add Texture to you photos…it really does not matter if it is Still Life, Landscape or even Portrait, adding a bit of texture can really bring you photo a whole new element and level of creativity.

  • If you have a a great landscape with no clouds, adding some clouds can add interest and dimension

  • Adding texture to a portrait can make a boring background more interesting, or soften a busy background, you just need to make sure you mask OFF the skin and especially the face (unless you are going to a particular creative effect).

  • Still Life, add texture and depth to shadows and really make some images pop, especially if there is lots of beautiful blur.

So how do you do it? Open a texture and drag it over to the image you wish to play with in Photoshop, then change the blend mode, I usually use Overlay or Softlight, but you can try the others, don’t forget you can mask out areas you don’t want and drop the opacity you can learn more in a Youtube video here

Where can you get textures? EVERYWHERE, but if you are a little unsure, or not feeling overly creative, I have prepared some for you, available in my Store

PhotographyJulie Powell