Getting crafty...with some blackboard paint


A very cool background for dark and moody is the good old blackboard paint, being matte it absorbs light and gives off virtually no reflection, and it is simple to create.

I actually got mine pre-painted at the local Bunnings (Hardware store) and got Hubby to cut it down the middle (trust me, me and power saws, is not a good mix) I then ran some black electrical tape down the middle and voila, instant screen. Of course you can just get some blackboard paint and paint any old timber or ply board you have lying around. You can also use stretched and framed canvas or a drop cloth.

Look how beautiful, dark and moody with just a touch of light coming in from the right hand side. It helps to have a dark base as well, I'm using a very old, well used work table. Also they can fold flat for easy storage when not in use........that is always a bonus.

Julie Powell_Choc Chip Cookies-5.jpg

I hope that this has inspired you to create some moody backdrops as well.