Looking at the Art Behind Still Life Photography

Ekkk! This week I have a super exciting post and perhaps something just a little bit different. Guess who has joined the Photofocus Team? Yep…little old me. I am now a Guest Writer and I am going to be writing about mostly Still Life photography, but possibly other bits and pieces as well.

So my very first post went live this morning and I am super excited, will have another post to share next week as well, so for now, let’s take a look behind the Art of Still Life Photography…

JuliePowell_Art of Still Life Header.jpg

P.S. Photofocus is a really cool website with everything photography related, including drones, Photographer insights, how tos, the latest gadgets and software and of course camera gear, head on over and have a look around. Of and don’t forget to tell me what you thought of my first Commercial Editorial

Julie Powell